Friday, July 4, 2008

Christian Counseling Course

Finding a Christian Counseling Course

If you feel the Lord is leading into the area of counseling you might consider taking a Christian counseling course. Your local community college may offer a Christian counseling course, or a Christian college or also many may be available online. If a person or couple are seeking Christian counseling they usually look into a counselor who has earned a counseling degree from a reputable source.

Christian Counseling is a God Giving Gift

Many pastors and others in the clergy believe that counseling is a gift from God. I am sure most Christians would agree with that statement. Even though that may be true, it is still advisable to receive some education in this area. Having a license, degree or other type of certification lends credibility to your chosen career. It would also provide insights into various situational problems and human behavior.

Christian Education & Certification

In the Old Testament men were required to be anointed and ordained into ministerial leadership. In Leviticus chapter eight it describes the ordination of Aaron and his sons by Moses.

Lev 8:1 -3 The Lord said to Moses, "Now bring Aaron and his sons, along with their special clothing, the anointing oil, the bull for the sin offering, the two rams, and the basket of unleavened bread to the entrance of the Tabernacle. Then call the entire community of Israel to meet you there." (NLT)

As in Leviticus, when earning a Christian counseling degree you will receive your certificate or degree from qualified men who have also been ordained. Upon graduation, you will be "anointed" so to speak) certified by your professors that they believe, and will acknowledge this before other students, faculty members and family, that you are qualified and led by God into the counseling profession.

Seeking Christian Counseling for Debt

Finding the perfect Christian counseling debt center may be as easy as asking your pastor. Someone who has been well educated in the financial field is best. You may be interested in going into the field of Christian counseling and if you are have worked in the financial world this may be a great direction for you.

You may be seeking advice and it has been a huge step for you to take. You don't want to waste precious time and further increase your debt, with someone who may not be able to truly help. If you are seeking this type of advice get recommendations from friends, colleagues or more importantly, from your home church.

Choose A Reliable Service

By doing a quick online search you will discover that there are literally hundreds of Christian counselors available. You can also find out online if they have been certified by the state where you reside and what colleges they attended. Once you have checked on their qualifications and background you are able to make a wiser choice of a godly adviser.

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