Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christian Family Camps

Christian Family Camp

Family life today is very hectic.  Christian families especially find themselves busy throughout the year not only with church activities but also with work, school and sports events.  All of these are important activities but how much time do you actually spend together as a family?  Do you have time for dinner together where you can spend time in relaxed conversation?

As a Christian family in today's society you need a time and place to stop and just get to know each other.  This is an affordable vacation yet one where everyone can have fun do great activities and eat their meals together as a family.

Planned Christian family vacations the parents don't have to use their time to decide and plan out activities, transport family members to events, or decide what restaurant appeals to everyone's taste buds.

Most of these planned Christian family vacations at one the Christian family camps is more affordable than you realize.  One price will include your lodging, meals and most of the activities.  Most of the meals are served cafeteria style where each family member can choose for themselves what they would like.

These camps will schedule morning Bible studies and group discussions geared for individual age groups.  This allows the afternoon free to take advantage of all the activities such as swimming, horseback riding, rafting, volleyball, softball and more.  The parents could take some rest and relaxation time just for themselves while the kids are involved in one of the many activities.

Each Bible study is geared toward encouraging spiritual growth and giving families the tools to work and grow together as a strong Christian family.

This is a time to create family memories.  Your children will be talking about this vacation for years and remembering that this was the pivotal moment in bringing your family together.  How's that for a fun family vacation?

Christian family camps have hand-picked their staff to be individuals with a "servant's" heart.  You will be impressed with the thoughtful mature attitudes and work ethic.  They will be lasting examples to your children. They are the type of young adults that you want your children to emulate.  Your child may want to return someday as a staffer and have a chance to serve others.

A Christian family vacation at a Christian family camp will be what you have been searching for in a vacation.  All the activities, accommodations, staff, speakers, meals, etc. will help create the family vacation that you desire.

After attending a Christian family camp most families find themselves immediately signing up to return year after year.  Your family will be counting down the number of days until they can return as soon as they exit the gates.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Christian Song Search

Searching For Christian Songs

Your favorite Christian songs can be found online at one of the Christian song search sites.

For instance, if you were interested in discovering the background of "This Little Light of Mine?" Christian song, just by typing in some of the words from the song it would pop-up instantly. You would be able to find out the author, when it was first written, the CCLI number, etc.

Most of these Christian song search sites are free to use. You can also search by just typing in the CCLI number if that was all you know. You would be able to find out if the song was public domain.

Quite a few Christian artists enjoy writing and singing praise songs to the Lord for His Glory and do not want to be paid for their work.

The New Version of "This Little Light of Mine" - Christian Song

For a truly unique version of This Little Light of Mine - Christian song listen to The Clark Brother's recent recording.  It is great to hear an old favorite done in a new and energetic way.

Christian Musical E Cards

Another fun thing to do is order free Christian musical e cards.  You are able to pick the worship song, gospel melody or hymn of your choice. They are suitable for all occasions. Send a card of congratulations, encouragement, to remember a birthday or new baby.

You can add your own special message that can be either romantic, encouraging or just fun.  You are also able to add a special message or scripture.  You can make them as unique as you want with different backgrounds and photos.

Online Search is A Wonderful Resource

You can take advantage of the many Christian sites and resources available online.  Always use wisdom when allowing your child to use the computer.

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Online Christian Gift

Whether you are looking for a wedding, graduation, or anniversary gift for a Christian family member or friend you can save time and money by going to Christian stores online.  Many will even offer free shipping.

An online Christian gift can be delivered directly to the recipient and gift wrapped with a personalized card included. You can easily compare prices and styles and product lists. Another advantage is that you are able to browse at your leisure even during off hours.

Looking for Christian wedding gifts or an anniversary gift for a friend that lives in another state can be done easily at a Christian store online.  You may be able to find a store near them that has a website.  This makes returning a gift easy for the recipient.

Do you have a friend that is hard to buy for?  You can find an unusual or one of a kind online Christian gift by searching easily through product lists.  No need spending valuable gas or time running all over town.

If you are purchasing an online Christian gift and you discover it is not exactly what you wanted or maybe arrived damaged it can be easily returned in the box it was shipped in.  Most Christian gift stores will gladly accept a return or exchange and will even pay for the return shipping.

You may have security concerns but a Christian store online has taken many steps to insure your identity is safe.  They offer passwords and secure pass codes at several levels.

If you want to find a Christian store online or a hard to find item just type in the name of the store or item and several suggestions should pop up.  An online Christian gift can also be personalized with the recipient?s name or initials imprinted on the Bible or etched on a coffee cup or t-shirt etc.

If a friend needs a little encouragement you can quickly order a gift at a Christian store online and have it delivered in a few short days.  Your friend?s face will light up when a Christian book and gift arrives unexpectedly at their door.  It may even be possible to send it anonymously.

Saving time and money should always be a goal when shopping.  By shopping at a Christian store online you can compare prices and get free shipping which will allow you to easily achieve that goal.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Christian Education Jobs That Are Right For You

Are you looking for a job or a vocation?  A vocation is a career to which one feels they are called. By being called we mean that God has called one to a particular field of work.  Christian education jobs are a calling.  One has to be gifted by God to teach others.  After praying about pursuing a job in Christian education God will give one a clear sense that that is what they are meant to do.

Christian employers are looking for a few good men and women.  People with a strong Christian foundation.  People who can be examples of God's love through their desire to serve others.

Have you experienced a set back in your current occupation and are apprehensive about seeking further employment in the same field?  Another strong quality in a person is the ability to start again and leave behind the fear of failure.  After all, your future is in God's hands.

There are many types of Christian education jobs.  All are very necessary and needed.  One may be called into the area of administration, teaching, counseling or clerical.  To be a success in any of these areas one has to do it well and give God the glory for their ability to do that particular job.

You honor God by fulfilling His calling on your life through your vocation.  Do your best to serve and be a blessing to those you come in contact with.  You are demonstrating your obedience to God by heeding His call on your life.

An ordained pastor is not the only one who serves God.  We all do if we are willing.  Christian education jobs are as important and more so because of being able to reach more people out in the world.  A person can be a cook, a salesperson, or a dad and be a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

With a quick online search you can find jobs in Christian education in almost any area in which you desire to live.  You may even be able to fill out a job application, send your resume and have an online interview.  The important issue is to obey God's calling on your life to serve Him.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Christian Travel Tours

If you are wanting cool fellowship on you next trip book with one of the many Christian travel tours listed on line.  You will travel with other Christians, make new friends, avoid all the drinking and stay in spotless, smoke free accommodations.

There are Christian tours that travel to lots of great destinations, you will make lots of new Christian friends, and have great fellowship. If you are planning a conference you can plan your tour around on of several Christian conference centers that are available.

Travel with Christians to Many Areas of Our Planet

Christian travel agencies can book you a tour anywhere in the world via any type of transportation. There are Christian travel groups going to Israel all year around. Walking on the same streets Jesus walked while He was on earth.

While in Israel you can visit many of the biblical sites, reliving some of the stories told in the Bible.  You will see where Paul traveled to spread the good news.

Book your next conference in Europe and stay in one of the centuries old Christian conference centers, possibly in Romania, and see the sites while hiking around the country.

Christian Cruises, The Perfect Locale for a Conference

Christian Cruises are the perfect location for Christian conference centers.  Members of your group will not be late for meetings since they will all be conveniently located right on board the ship.

Look online or ask friends or colleagues about their recent travels. Christian cruises usually book Christian music groups to perform and offer specialized conferences with well known Christian guest speakers.

Research & Compare

Get recommendations for your next Christian tour.  You will want to provide the best value to your group.  Be flexible and willing to travel during the off season as necessary to get the really great bargains.

Christian travel agencies are a valuable source of information on costs and locations.  They have lots of experience and knowledge in this field.

There may be Christian travel groups in your area or even in your own church. Once you become involved they will send you updates on future Christian travel tours. It is also a great place to meet new Christian friends.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Value Of Christian Counseling Centers

The world today is in a precarious and dangerous condition.  This has placed many Christians in situations economically and morally that create stress on the family, marriage and workplace.  Many Christians in authority do not believe in referring their emotionally troubled congregates to professional Christian counseling centers.

Seeking wise advice is Biblically mandated.  God has placed many wise Christian men in our congregations and in our city.  We are directed by Him in His word to seek their counsel.

Receiving solid Biblical counsel should result in a changed life.  Paul prayed for the Colossians to be "filled with the knowledge of God's will through spiritual wisdom and understanding. To live a life worthy..." (Colossians 1:14, paraphrased.)  The accumulation of knowledge from Christian Counseling centers is not enough, it needs to be applied in your life.

Christian counseling centers were developed to give a Christian the ways and means of overcoming the difficult situations that may arise in their lives.  Counseling for debt, career guidance, families, and premarital are all now available.

The only counseling that a Christian should seek should be biblically guided. The Bible is the best authority on basic Christian living provided by Christian counseling centers.

If you are one of the broken, or a Christian couple desiring to get married, a couple already married, or if you are struggling with singleness or striving to have better relationships in your family, contact one of these sources of Christian for counseling. Seek out one that has been recommended to you and most importantly, Biblically based. You are an important member of the Christian body. It is important to get the help and healing needed. Someday you may in turn be able to help someone else through your testimony of recovery.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Christian Counseling Courses

Courses for Christian Counseling

The number one qualification for Christian counseling is that the Lord has called you to that profession.  If you feel He has then you can look for Christian counseling courses in your area or online.  Do research on the school or college or look for references or testimonials from former students.  If someone is seeking counseling they will often want to be sure that the counselor is well qualified and educated.

Is Christian Counseling God Directed?

Many pastors and others in the clergy believe that counseling is a gift from God. I am sure most Christians would agree with that statement. Even though that may be true, it is still advisable to receive some education in this area. Having a license, degree or other type of certification lends credibility to your chosen career. It would also provide insights into various situational problems and human behavior.

Education and Certification

In the Old Testament men were required to be anointed and ordained into ministerial leadership. In Leviticus chapter eight it describes the ordination of Aaron and his sons by Moses.

Lev 8:1 -3  The Lord said to Moses,  "Now bring Aaron and his sons, along with their special clothing, the anointing oil, the bull for the sin offering, the two rams, and the basket of unleavened bread  to the entrance of the Tabernacle. Then call the entire community of Israel to meet you there." (NLT)

This chapter goes on to describe in detail the whole ceremony required before these men could be considered as priests. In the same way a person desiring to serve in ministry today needs to be acknowledged as an ordained servant, anointed by the Lord, whatever area of ministry he may be serving in. Moses and his sons had earned their education in human behavior during the many years they traveled together after leaving Egypt. Likewise the Christian counselor today needs to earn his or her degree and be certified.

Christian Counseling Debt

If you are seeking Christian counseling debt be sure that the counselor is a Christian and well educated in the area of finances.  There are Christians who were formerly employed in the financial field who make wonderful Christian counseling debt advisers.

You want to be sure you are receiving reputable advise.  Check references and certification on the various Christian counseling debt services available before you visit.  Ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends or your pastor.  If you are looking online, read the testimonials.

Verify Backgrounds and Experience

It is a blessing to have individuals that are obeying the Lord's calling by helping their fellow Christians in whatever area they may need counsel. It is also vitally important to get your education from a reliable, accredited Christian college. If you are seeking advice from a professional Christian counselor please verify that your counselor has received their certification through a qualified and accredited Christian counseling course and how experienced they are in the Christian counseling field.

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