Friday, October 17, 2008

Christian Travel Tours

If you are wanting cool fellowship on you next trip book with one of the many Christian travel tours listed on line.  You will travel with other Christians, make new friends, avoid all the drinking and stay in spotless, smoke free accommodations.

There are Christian tours that travel to lots of great destinations, you will make lots of new Christian friends, and have great fellowship. If you are planning a conference you can plan your tour around on of several Christian conference centers that are available.

Travel with Christians to Many Areas of Our Planet

Christian travel agencies can book you a tour anywhere in the world via any type of transportation. There are Christian travel groups going to Israel all year around. Walking on the same streets Jesus walked while He was on earth.

While in Israel you can visit many of the biblical sites, reliving some of the stories told in the Bible.  You will see where Paul traveled to spread the good news.

Book your next conference in Europe and stay in one of the centuries old Christian conference centers, possibly in Romania, and see the sites while hiking around the country.

Christian Cruises, The Perfect Locale for a Conference

Christian Cruises are the perfect location for Christian conference centers.  Members of your group will not be late for meetings since they will all be conveniently located right on board the ship.

Look online or ask friends or colleagues about their recent travels. Christian cruises usually book Christian music groups to perform and offer specialized conferences with well known Christian guest speakers.

Research & Compare

Get recommendations for your next Christian tour.  You will want to provide the best value to your group.  Be flexible and willing to travel during the off season as necessary to get the really great bargains.

Christian travel agencies are a valuable source of information on costs and locations.  They have lots of experience and knowledge in this field.

There may be Christian travel groups in your area or even in your own church. Once you become involved they will send you updates on future Christian travel tours. It is also a great place to meet new Christian friends.

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